2016 – Raido for the Kamayura

HF radio transmitter station for the kamayura

The Kamayura are indigenous people who live in the remote forests of Xingu. The village radio is the only communication with the outside world and it is now broken. The chief himself requested urgent assistance. The radio is the only way to communicate emergencies (snake bites, difficult births, sick children) to the nearest town, where help is available. It is also the only communication with the neighboring tribes for organizing regional ceremonies, inter-tribal meetings between chiefs.


Without a radio, medical emergencies cannot be announced and many lives are at risk. (Via radio, a utility plane is called into the village to take the patient to a hospital). When community members travel, they update their village via radio, thus their family knows the are ok. Inter tribal meetings (on health, territory, cultural continuity, education) are organized via radio. A new radio will reconnect the Kamayura to the rest of the world and it will save lives.


Helping the Kamayura purchase a new, good quality radio (and a new battery to charge the radio) will restore the vital connection between the remote Kamayura village and the town where medical help is available. It will restore communication with the neighboring tribes and with villagers that travel outside. This micro project can really have a big impact on the welfare of the Kamayura people. Given the crisis in Brazil, local help is very scarce.

Long-Term Impact

A new, powerful, good quality HAM Radio will save lives and re-connect a remote indigenous tribe with the outside world. The Kamayura had this radio (also a donation) for many years. A new radio will reconnect this indigenous people with much needed life saving resources for many years to come.