2016 – Radio made it in the Kamayura village

New radio (right) working in the Kamayura village next to the old, broken one.

The radio station Maloca helped fund is working now in the Kamayura village! The radio made it safely to Brazil where it was received by the Kamayura chief. A friend helped introduce all the necessary frequencies in the radio. It was then transported to the village by boat and installed in the cacique’s house which, because of the radio, serves also as a central communication point for the entire village. The photos of the radio were sent by the Kamayura. In the group photo the radio that is on is the new one.  

Needless to say the whole village is happy and relieved that they are in touch with the outside world again. The radio is powered by a small solar panel, which ensures it works all the time. 
Thank you to each of you Maloca supporters, together we made a difference in a remote corner of the world.