2013 – October 23: Indigenous women received in National Assembly

After unsuccessful attempts to meet President Correa, and after a week of marches and protests in the Ecuadorian capital, the women were welcomed into the National Assembly of Ecuador. Patricia Gualinga, a Kichwa leader from Sarayaku, addressed the Assembly. Here is the video of Patricia’s intervention:

And here is what she said, in brief:
We’ve mobilized to Quito because we’re worried about the government’s oil exploration plans, the 11th Round in particular, which affects all of the Amazon… We, as women, are disproportionately affected by these oil exploration. We don’t want oil expansion. We want our country to develop alternative energy plans. We want a post-petroleum economy. We want the Amazon to be valued for what it is, not just economic resources… We have an alternative proposal called “Selva Viviente” or “Living Forest.” The Amazon is not an area of national interest, but a zone of life that should exclude oil activity. We want to work together so that this is known around the world. If we are willing, this proposal can come from the communities and the National Assembly… We are for life, not only resources. We are here for our lives, yours, the entire world’s lives and for those of our future generations.

(source: Amazonwatch)