2011 December Fundrasier

URGENT APPEAL:  AHUA, Penti’s father, had an accident in Bameno last night and now he needs to be taken out to the hospital and needs surgery. Ahua’s grandson Tepena called me and asked me if I could get them some help (Penti notified Tepeña via radio from Bameno. Luckily Tepeña was out of the community and could communicate).

Ahua needs to be flown out of Bameno today, as soon as possible, (but he needs to pay for the private plane ride) and then Ahua will need to pay for his medical expenses at the hospital in Puyo. Probably Ahua needs surgery, I will find out details later. The plane would not come and take Ahua unless Penti and Tepena confirm they have the money. There will be medical expenses that need to be paid in the hospital (I will post details later as I find out what is going on).
You can help donate to the “holiday fundraiser” which now has turned into a “Help Ahua get medical treatment” fundraiser:
AHUA is a great warrior, and he is an important figure in the Huaorani fight for defending his territory and has been defending his home, the rainforest, all his life. Watch here a video of Ahua talking in Quito in 2010, at a meeting with Ecuadorian government officials: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r1w7JsA20c
The “Emergency health fund” I listed in the fundraiser goals is for this sort of situations.  This is an emergency we can all help with now.